Welcome to Koyano Gonstead Chiropractic.

At our hospital,we are studying every day so that we can provide the appropriate treatment points after clarifying them by the treatment system and image analysis based on the gonstead chiropractic theory.

Chiropractic is known as Dr.Chiropractic on September 18,1985.
A treatment method discovered and invented by Dr.Daniel David Paimer that scientifically determines the joints and structures of the spinal column and pelvis of the human body using image analysys,and corrects each segment of the spainal column with only the
It is manual medecine originated in the United States that aims to prevent illness by removing abnormalities in the nerve transmission function that cause Dis-ease)

Koyano Gonstesd Chiropractic operates in Tanaka,Kita-ku,Okayama City.
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I am working hard every day so that I can get the world “I`m getting better”.

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